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The umbrella of FHC Health Systems’ services covers a wide range of behavioral health services, including behavioral health care management services, administration of and management of drug and alcohol testing programs, creation and provision of web-based programs for the health care industry and the provision of laboratory and pharmaceutical services to health care facilities and physician’s practices, as described below.

ValueOptions: Improving Behavior to Improve Health» ValueOptions is one of the nation’s premier behavioral health care management organizations, serving nearly 23 million people across the country through publicly funded and commercial contracts with employee assistance, mental health and substance abuse, behavioral disability management and integrated programs.

FirstLab Logo» FirstLab is a third party administrator specializing in the design, implementation, and management of drug and alcohol testing programs; driver qualification file maintenance; and background investigation services. In addition, it has designed a customized menu of service options specifically to meet the needs of professional associations and state licensure agencies nationwide, which are responsible for monitoring the recovery of impaired professionals.

CS&O Logo » The Corporation for Standards and Outcomes (CS&O) offers innovative solutions to address
the performance measurement and grants management needs of federal, state and local government initiatives. The company also provides safety surveillance data collection services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Rx Innovations Rx Innovations, LLC is an institutional pharmacy that provides services to long-term care facilities, acute hospitals and residential treatment centers.  Its subsidiary, FirstLab of Virginia, provides clinical laboratory services for long-term care facilities, acute and sub-acute hospitals and residential treatment centers and physician practices. 

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